SCG are a family-owned and operated business has been in existence since 2006. We have built up a reputation based on honesty, integrity, quality and proactivity. Sports Construction Group has a sister business in Concrete Partners so are able to provide every aspect of your sports court build, all in one place.

blue backyard basketball court black and red basketball court at Newport


We engage soil testing before commencement of court construction, in order to identify different soil types, which may affect the design of the court. We also have consulting engineers that we deal with on a regular basis who are familiar with industry standards, however we are more than happy to work with your own preferred engineers or local area engineers with local knowledge.

large team laying concrete

We always recommend these processes be undertaken before your sports court construction commences in order to give you a surface to last a lifetime.

We hold the relevant QBCC licenses to construct your court including the concrete base, retaining walls, and fence and sports furniture installation.


We are a family owned and operated business, founded in 2006. Our experience ranges from residential sports courts, large professional courts, through to commercial construction projects. Sports Construction Group originally specialised in the construction of tennis courts, but as time progressed, saw the rise in popularity of basket ball courts as well, not to mention netball, cricket, tennis and more.

Netball courts in Brisbane, blue and green in colour

When you work with us, you work with one group, we manage the entire process. As well as delivering the sports court of your dream, we work on retaining walls, concreting, fencing, the full requirement, all with one point of contact. We take the UTMOST pride in our quality and high standards and our clients see this day in, day out.

We’re also a member of SAPIA in the Principal Contractor division. SAPIA (Sports & Play Industry Assoc.) is the peak industry body for sports & recreation construction in Australasia.