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Thinking About Cricket Pitch Construction

If you have a stretch of open space in your yard, it might just be perfect for a private cricket pitch where players can hone their skills. Ideal for time with the kids, and if the cricket pitch construction is creatively done, you can also use it for shooting hoops and a little one-on-one basketball, complete with the required lines on the surface.

There are various types of cricket pitches, each with unique properties, limiting their use based on level of play or cost of maintenance.

  • The obvious mention here is the ‘real’ cricket pitch constructed for international matches requiring daily maintenance to prevent disintegration during play. In all fairness, turf cricket pitch construction is not the option for homeowners just wanting to play a few overs with the kids or even at club level play. It requires a well-draining substrate with a layer of clay on top and planted with grass suitable for mowing on the short side.
  • A popular option for a synthetic pitch is a concrete base with a special cricket mat on top. The base must be cast as a single concrete slab and be completely level and true in all directions. Where limitations prevent a single slab from being poured, two slabs may be used and interlocked in the middle to prevent slipping or settling. Using the correct type of concrete, this option is great for schools. You can also use suitable artificial grass.
  • The third option involves a substrate of gravel with a layer of loam on top. If available, the loam can be replaced with another suitable material, such as stone dust. A proper cricket mat is laid on top during play. This type of pitch produces good variance for bowlers but requires routine maintenance to prevent pitting—an excellent option for clubs.
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