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Thinking About Getting a Backyard Cricket Pitch?

If you have a stretch of open space in your backyard, it might just be the perfect spot for a cricket pitch where players of all ages and abilities can hone their skills. This beloved sport is an ideal way to spend time with the kids and can provide hours of fun for the whole family. Moreover, if the cricket pitch construction is creatively done with different lines on the surface, you can even use it for more than just one sport.

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Finding the Best Pitch for Your Backyard

There are various types of cricket pitches that you can construct in your backyard, from the classic turf option to the more modern synthetic pitch. Each option features its unique properties and capabilities based on the construction materials used, the level of play it caters to, and the maintenance costs involved.

To help you choose the ideal backyard cricket pitch for your home, we’ll discuss the three most popular pitches and the types of players they are best suited to.

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The Turf Cricket Pitch

The most obvious mention here is the ‘real’ cricket pitch. While they may seem like the most classic choice, these pitches are generally only used for professional matches. This is because they require daily maintenance to prevent disintegration during play.

In all fairness, turf cricket pitch construction is not the best option for homeowners just wanting to play a few overs with the kids. In fact, these pitches can even be too much maintenance at club-level play.

First, they require a well-draining substrate with a layer of clay over it. Once this is in place, the pitch must then be finished by planting grass on top that’s suitable for mowing on the short side. The grass must be maintained through daily mowing and regular brushing, rolling, aerating, and feeding. It also requires frequent watering with a good irrigation system, which further adds to the ongoing maintenance costs.

Without this meticulous preparation and upkeep, turf pitches can crack, deteriorate, and provide uneven playing conditions, making them unusable over time. As a result, we recommend looking into more affordable, low-maintenance options for your backyard.


The Synthetic Cricket Pitch

One particularly popular option for many households is the synthetic cricket pitch, which makes a great alternative to the classic turf pitch. These pitches are constructed using a concrete base with a special backyard cricket pitch mat on top.

The base of this pitch must be cast as a single concrete slab that needs to be completely level and true in all directions. Where limitations prevent a single slab from being poured, two slabs can be used and interlocked in the middle to prevent slipping or settling.

As well as using a cricket pitch mat, you can also use suitable artificial grass on the top of the pitch. This gives the pitch an authentic turf look and makes it an affordable, versatile option that is ideal for large backyards and schools.


The Club Cricket Pitch

The third option involves a substrate of gravel which is then covered by a layer of loam and finished by laying a proper cricket mat on top before play. If preferred, the loam can also usually be replaced with another suitable material, such as stone dust.

This type of pitch produces good variance for bowlers, but it does require some routine maintenance to prevent pitting. The versatility, easy set-up, and highly realistic ball performance that this type of pitch offers makes it an excellent option for clubs.

Got a Question About Our Cricket Pitches?

If you’d like to learn more about our cricket pitches and whether they’d be a suitable addition to your backyard, our knowledgeable builders can provide you with the information you need. Check out some common questions about our backyard cricket pitches below, or head over to our FAQ page for further information about how we can help transform your yard.

How Much Space Do I Need?

A standard cricket pitch measures 20.12 metres from stump to stump, with a little extra room behind the wickets to make room for the bowler approach area and the return crease. However, a backyard cricket pitch can be made to almost any size that you find comfortable playing in, with most measuring anywhere between 10 to 30 metres in length.

How Can I Customise My Cricket Pitch?

As well as having the option to customise the size of your backyard cricket pitch, you can customise the colour and the lines on the synthetic surface as well. If you’d like to turn your pitch into a multipurpose sporting area, just let our team know! We’ll ensure the appropriate markings are incorporated onto the surface of your cricket pitch before completion.

Do You Only Make Cricket Pitches for Backyard Use?

Nope! On top of constructing backyard cricket pitches, we can also construct pitches for clubs, schools, sporting complexes, and more. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can supply you with the perfect cricket pitch for your needs.

Contact Our Team Today!

Contact us for a site visit and a chat with our cricket pitch construction team about the best options for your own backyard cricket pitch. We will be happy to provide you with an estimate on your final cricket pitch construction cost, as well as any other possible additions you may wish to incorporate into your pitch.


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