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What better way to get you and your family outside than to install a backyard sports court? The court can be used by everyone, as a team, one on one or even by yourself to ensure those skills become permanent when playing.

The team at Sports Construction Group have many years of experience constructing a range of sports courts. These courts are built on a concrete foundation to last a lifetime. We offer different types of sports court flooring according to your needs and budget. Some of our flooring options include a rubber-based sports tile that mimics a professional playing surface (see video below) or a painted acrylic surface. The choice is yours and there are many colours to choose from.

Sports Construction Group have built tennis, back yard basketball, cricket and netball courts. Whatever court sport you are into, Sports Construction Group can tailor a solution for you and your family, whether it be a single use court or a multi-sport court.

blue backyard basketball court
red and black basketball court in Brisbane backyard
blue and grey backyard court with basketball backboard and graffiti wall
Basketball hoop from behind
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