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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any further questions that aren't on our list, give us a call on 1300 COURTS or use our contact form

black and red basketball court in a backyard in Brisbane

Can I choose my own flooring colours for my backyard sports court? 

Yes, we offer full customisation of all courts - you can choose the colour, the design, the fencing, even have your own logo on the court! If you choose acrylic sports paint you can choose any colour under the sun (similar to when you choose paint colours at your local hardware store). If you opt for the tiled surface there are 12 colours to choose from.

basketball sports court tiles made of rubber with water droplets on them

How do I start the process of getting a sports court installed at my place?

Our process is simple - we talk to you about what your thoughts are, have a look at your property, and work out the best way forward. We develop a 3D mockup for your court, so you can see exactly how it will look, and work. We keep you up to date and informed, each and every step of the way. And then, we shoot a few hoops with you!

men installing a basketball hoop in a backyard

What guarantees are offered?

We have a range of warranties on a range of products - depending on what you choose. We stand by every product we use, along with our high level of standards for each and every court we construct.

basketball sports court tiles made of rubber with water droplets on them

How do I maintain my backyard sports court?

Court maintenance is easy - all you need is a broom, a blower or a hose to keep it looking sharp. 

backyard basketball court in Brisbane, unusual space

What sizes are available in backyard sports courts? I don't have much room.

You can start with as little as 5m x 5m and increase from there - you don't need as much room as you might think!

digging the ground, preparing for a backyard sports court

How long is the entire sports court process?

Depends on the court surface. We can generally lay the slab and install the post in under 2 weeks (dependant on stock), giving you something to play on really quickly. If you choose a painted surface we must allow the concrete slab to cure for 28 days before applying the paint. For a tiled surface we would allow 4-6 weeks to order in the colour/s of your choice.

blue tennis court with gardens

What sports do you cater for?

Any sport, any size! If Basketball isn't your thing, and you prefer Netball or Tennis, we can create a mini court for your own particular sports passion. We can even create a mini Cricket pitch for enthusiasts of the Baggy Green! We've also completed Volleyball courts, golf practice nets and Hot Shots tennis courts.

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