Basketball courts

Becoming the basketball court of choice for our clients as they can be tailored to the size of your yard from 9m2 up to full size courts. We use high quality materials and products to create the court of your dreams. Our range of basketball posts include wall-mounted, adjustable and fully "dunkable" systems, in a range of colours and sizes. We work from FIBA regulations for our basketball court line-markings, however if you want the look of a key way-sized court but don't have the room we adjust the line-marking accordingly. You are only limited to your imagination. Below is a list of our most popular sized courts.

Backyard Buster

The "Backyard Buster" is ideally suited to those yards with minimal space. Measuring 3 x 3 metres the basketball court provides a small area for young children to play on. Line-marking can be added to any of courts, on this size court adding 2 lines can transform this small basketball court into a 4 player handball court. 

Key Way King

If you'd like to get your children outside burning off some energy whilst keeping the costs low, the "Key way King" is for you. The 5 x 5 metre playing space is easy to fit within most suburban backyards. Even if your family are not basketball players themselves everyone loves to have a go and the adjustable post ensures every age group can experience the rush of shooting hoops. In smaller suburban backyards, these courts are often placed close to your boundary fences. Losing balls over into the neighbours yards is not a problem because we can install fixed or retractable fencing to keep those stray balls on the right side of the fence. 

Mini 3-pointer

The "Mini 3-Pointer" is when it starts to get serious. The 9 x 5 metre playing space features line-marking including the full basketball key way and part of the 3 point line, for when practicing your 3 point shots is important. Young basketballers will appreciate the extra room on this court to practice their layup and shoot from the 3 point line or play some one on one basketball.

Mega 3-pointer

The "Mega 3-Pointer" basketball court features the entire 3 point line, allowing you to practice those crucial 3 point shots from all points on the arc. You can have a great game of 2 on 2 on this court and at this size it's the ideal way to introduce line-marking for additional courts. Have you got a netballer as well as a basketballer? We can add a netball goal circle. We can construct a hit-up wall on one side for your tennis players to practice hitting against. Combining multiple sports increases the time it will be played on, creating a space in your backyard that the entire family can enjoy for years to come. 

Half-court Hero

If you have the space, consider the "Half-Court Hero". Measuring 14 x 15 metres, young and aspiring NBL/NBA players will love the freedom of a basketball half-court in their own yard. Playing 3 on 3 with their mates will be on the cards every afternoon after school on this backyard court. 

We are a family owned and operated business, founded in 2006. Our experience ranges from residential sports courts, large professional courts, through to commercial construction projects. Sports Construction Group originally specialised in the construction of tennis courts, but as time progressed, saw the rise in popularity of basketball courts as well. 

When you work with us, you work with one group. Sports Construction Group complete the entire sports court package from laying the concrete base, laying or painting the court surface, and installing the post. We also offer additional landscaping services like installing retaining walls and fencing to complete the overall look. We manage the entire process, eliminating the need to work with multiple contractors. We take the UTMOST pride in our quality and high standards and our clients see this day in, day out. We work with all suppliers including Boomering, Dreamcourts, Megaslam, Goalrilla, MSF Sports & Grandslam. 

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