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Post Installations

At Sports Construction Group, we are well-trusted and experienced in the installation of all types of sports courts over South-East Queensland. We have installed a range of different sports courts in suburban backyards, sporting clubs and schools. We work with all hoop suppliers to provide you the best in sports posts, including: Boomering, Goalrilla, Grandslam and MegaSlam. The posts we install are skilfully designed to suit their particular application. These include fully adjustable and "dunkable" basketball posts for your backyard, netball/basketball post combos for schools or wall-mounted posts for sporting arenas. 

  • "Dunkable" sprung hoop
  • Tempered glass backboard
  • NBA /NBL regulation size backboard (72")
  • Fixed to a concrete footing
  • Rust protected
"Boomer" 72" by Boomering

Our range of backyard basketball posts are very popular due to their adjustability, tempered glass backboards and sprung ring. They are available in either fixed position or fully adjustable and a range of backboard sizes including 60" and 72". These posts are built to last and because they are secured to concrete footings they are a much safer option in suburban backyards, especially around children. We can install a post on its own or part of a court install, it's up to you. Either way, a post installed by Sports Construction Group provides hours of fun for the entire family.

If you would like to enquire about getting a sports post installed at your place feel free to contact us on 1300 COURTS, send an enquiry through the website or through our Facebook messenger.

Boomer 60" adjustable post
USQ Springfield - Grandslam - basketball post
Netball post
MegaSlam - 60" adjustable post
Boomer 60" adjustable post
Senator 60" adjustable post
MegaSlam - 60" adjustable post
Boomer 60" adjustable post
GrandSlam - basketball post
Boomer 60" adjustable post
GrandSlam - Basketball/netball combination post
MegaSlam 60" adjustable post
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